Saturday, September 20, 2008

Supper Time

We decided to ask the gang out for supper at prata shop, though we get together since its been quite a while and also to sort of celebrate our wedding anniversary. Of course we fail to mention tt today is our wedding anniversary to our friends hehehe~

We arranged to meet at 11pm but all were late, coz Little DinoEgg fell asleep after his milk. We were about to wake him up when Bec text and say they will be late, then Wendy says Bel haven’t sleep so they will be late too, so we let him sleep awhile longer. Then slightly after 11am, received a text from Romi, asking if the supper is still on or not, I was like “??? ???” Didn’t Amy says she is unable to make it???? Then we found out, Romi wanted to join us but no one knows about it *duhz* serves him right for going there on time n wait for the whole village hehehe~

We ordered lots prata, even Little DinoEgg has 1 all by himself. He saw me dipping the prata into the curry and he wanted to try, I let him taste a teeny weeny bit n he stick out his tongue n demand for his water bottle to put out the fire. After tt you know what? He wants to eat it again hahha~

I only know thru the chatting that its Bec’s birthday tmr (or rather today, since its pass midnight now). And Wendy gave her some cool gift~ Why no one tell de then can share ma.

We stayed till after 1pm then parted. Romi went to his Honda bike n stood there chatting with Mike, Little DinoEgg saw the bike and wanted to go over coz he is simply crazy about them. He has always come into contact with those bike of a lesser cc, those small slim type with a basket attached just in front of the seat. When he saw Romi’s BIG GREY BIKE, he was mesmerized~ keep staring at it n touching the seat but when I wanna put him on the seat he cling to me like a koala!

We took Mike’s car home; ~THANKS FOR THE RIDE MIKE & WENDY~

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