Sunday, October 19, 2008

Moving in

Today ILs are moving in... Daddy told us they will be here around 1-2pm, so around 12pm me n Little DinoEgg were in the bed room getting ready to nap. We have just hit the sack n the door bell rang... duhz...

We opened the door to my ILs, 3rd aunt, 7th aunt n 7th uncle. Little DinoEgg was super happy to see them and got all excited when they start moving things in. As u guessed, all the sleep-bugs were gonez.

After all the commotion, I only managed to let him nap at 4pm+ after ILs n the aunties went off for their coffee break n to go back to the old place to gather some left over stuffs.

The house is in a mess... AND dusty! Wasted the cleaning auntie's efforts yesterday hahah~

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