Friday, October 31, 2008

Sorry no fancy costume for me :(

This morning while packing Little DinoEgg's school bag, I happen to see a note from his school, it says that they will be celebrating Halloween today and the kids are suppose to go to school in costume. Letter was dated 29th Oct'08 and I ONLY saw it TODAY!

I definitely would not want Little DinoEgg to feel left out, so being innovative *grinz* I dressed him in a jersey green side stripe shorts and a soccer tee, TA-DAR! A soccer player! Not too bad ya? hehehe~ can pass lah!

When we reached school, I peeped into the school and saw a Snow White and a Bumble Bee, even Nathan was dressed up as a cow~ The girls wears fancier costumes then the boys~

Well, at least I wun feel so bad for missing that teacher's letter n causing Little DinoEgg for being the "odd" one out.

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