Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thumbs up for the school

Just received a call from Little DinoEgg's school, Teacher Siti called to ask who is picking him up. This is a second call I received since ytd.

I left Little DinoEgg with Granny to stay over night while me n the gers went out. Bro Simon and SIL decided to pick son up. As this was the 1st time they pick him up and also the 1st time the teachers see them, Teacher Gina called me to ask before letting Little DinoEgg go with them (Even thou that little rascal is jumping up and down getting all excited when he saw his uncle). After asking for my brother's name and confirming she let Little DinoEgg went off with them.

Earlier, Teacher Siti called about this again. At least I can be assured that they do have tight control on who the child goes off with. At least I know that no one can abduct my child while in school.

Good Job Teachers~

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