Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its Food Month!

Received a letter from the school telling us that they will be teaching the kids about different kind of food. The food song they are going to sing, stuffs they are going to do etc. They wanted us to let the kids bring a pack of cereal to school today. So I packed a small box of Kellogs Honey Star into Little DinoEgg's bag this morning.

When I fetched him later in the evening, I saw him clutching to a small plastic bag of "black black thing" refusing to let it go even when I asked for it. Teacher Gina says its his bag of chocolate, the food they made this afternoon. Then he showed it to me n say "Chocolate!"

This little fella dun even want to let it go when we reached home. I have to tell him to put it there, have his dinner then he can eat his chocolate. He willingly put it down on the dinning table. However after his meal he forgot about it totally hee~

Here's the picture of the Chocolate;

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