Sunday, November 2, 2008

Potty Training - Success!!!!

I caught Little DinoEgg show his poo-poo face, so I ask him if he wants to doit in the toilet bowl. I was so surprise that he gave me a very strong protest!!! He keep saying NO-NO-NOOOOooooo~~ Even shed some tears. I insist and told him just sit there n see whether have or not.

When he was sitting on the toilet bowl, he quiet down n follow me when I say "uummmm-ummmmmmmmmm~~~" 5 mins into it, he says he dun want any more, I was kinda disappointed coz I did not hear a "plog~" sound tt indicates something dropped in. I carried him down and saw 1 brown thing inside~ Yipppeeee~ He did it he did it!!!

I praise Little DinoEgg and show him the poo he just "deposited" inside the toilet bowl. I even teach him how to flush the toilet which amazed him abit. After washing his hands n wear his underwear n shorts, he ran out n up to Daddy, eager to tell him "Daddy, see I poo in the toilet~". After tt he ran up to Granddad and tell him the same thing. Obviously he was very proud of himself.

Great Job son! Keep it up!

This means I will not need to buy diapers in near future heheheh~

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