Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I forgot again...

Monday morning I read a note from Little DinoEgg's teacher that they are having a Christmas party today and I was suppose to contribute 30 eggs to the school; each parent have to contribute to 1 kind of food I guess, so I asked Daddy to buy the eggs which I bought to school yesterday.

In the note, it was also stated that we are to dress our kids up in their party clothes today, WHICH I forget AGAIN! I dressed Little DinoEgg in a simple tee and shorts, those that u wear at home.

I really feel like slapping myself coz this is the 2nd time I forgot about it! The last time was on Halloween Party...

*sigh* Not sure whether this has any impact on Little DinoEgg, coz all the other kids were dressed up so neat, handsome n pretty... I must make more effort to remember such things... He is getting older and will definitely notice the difference, I am afraid that he thinks I am not paying more attention to him thus making him feel so left out.

Ok next time I will REMEMBER!

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