Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jacob's Ballas Children Garden

Yupe, after hearing so much about Jacabs Ballas for so long, I decided to bring Little DinoEgg there. It was my 1st time there while its his 2nd time. His school brought the students there in oct'08. I specifically told the taxi uncle the place I wanna go and yet he bring us to Botanic Garden visitor centre instead... After finding out from the Information Counter that the walk to Jacabs Ballas is a good 15mins walk under the hot sun, I decided to talk a cab there.

Even though it was a hot n sunny day, we did managed to enjoy ourselves.

We especially enjoy the suspension bridge. As it was a weekday plus the hot sun, there were only a handful of people in the garden, thus we were able to play with the bridge for almost 20mins, running to & fro the bridge a few times. Many a times I purposely shake/rock the bridge just to let Little DinoEgg feel the sensation of being sway left n right or bounce up n down. He kept screaming me to stop but at the same time he was squealing with excitement n laughing his head off.

We walked through n stopped by Magic of Photosynthesis where you can leave the photsynthesis process. Of course for Little DinoEgg its the thrill of turning the wheels and making water "spray" out of the "plant". We went to the cave where there is a water fall just outside the cave, its such a cooling place in the cave, away from the glaring sun n heat. Then we went to the section where there are some chairs, stool and table all craved out from logs. We proceed to play with some instruments either made from the seeds of some tress/plants or from the leaves or branches. We had a fun time making a din with all those instruments.

We ended our fun by the Waterplay area. There were 4-5 kids at the area playing with the water, Little DinoEgg saw them and wanted to join them but was hesitating. It takes my about 10mins to coax him to go into the water. How did I do it? I made him play at the puddle of water at the area where I know the water will spray at, so when the water came he was wet! Haha~ Evil me ya? But it was a good cause, coz after that he went in to play with the water, making himself all wet from head to toes. He totally enjoy this~~

As I was alone with him, I sort of avoided the Tree House and the playground. These are at too big an area for me to watch over him. Next time, when I feel more confident or if we are going there with friends, I will let him have a taste of these attractions.

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