Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mmmm~~ tartarrrrr~~~~

Few months ago, daddy bought a bottle of Masterfoods tartar sauce which the 3 of us enjoyed a yummy snack of home cook french fries.

The tartar sauce is really yummy, I have tried in vail to get another bottle from NTUC, Carrefour and Cold Storage. And with the recent melamine cases I thought it was one of the affected products n was recalled. However a search in AVA confirmed that it is not. Its just my luck, unable to find it in the supermarkets I frequent.

Finally yesterday I went to Kovan Cold Storage and found it! YEAH! We can have another round of french fries!

Search Masterfoods website and found this~

Toasted Tuna Sandwich Recipe
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 2

Recipe Ingredients
Bread 4 slices
Butter 1 (or margarine)
Tuna 95 gm drained
MASTERFOODS Tartare Sauce (Traditional) 2 tbsp
Tomato(es) 1, diced
Cheddar Cheese 1/3 cup(s) grated

Recipe Directions:
* Preheat sandwich maker.
* Spread bread with butter, spread with flaked tuna.
* Squeeze over MASTERFOODS Tartare Sauce.
* Sprinkle with diced tomato and grated cheese.
* Place remaining slice of bread onto buttered side up and close the sandwich make.
* When cooked carefully lift toasted sandwiches onto plate using a plastic spatula, cut into bite sized pieces.

Shall try this out soon, think Little DinoEgg should like it.

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