Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To the Zoo

Daddy is off today and we decided to pay the Singapore Zoo a visit. We were getting ready n I wanted to brush Little DinoEgg's teeth, he was worried and told me "Mummy we not going school, dun wanna go school." I was puzzled, then realised that ytd night we told him that we are going to the zoo, its a week day n he thought I am bring him to school instead of the zoo. After reasurring him, he allowed me to brush his teeth n change him.

We set off at around ten o'clock in the morning and took a cab down.

We had some toast, eggs and milo for breakfast then join the LONG queue to buy the tickets. Little DinoEgg got impatient while waiting in the queue n demand us to carry him :( I have to bring him away to distract him with the various things around. After waiting for 20mins, we finally got our tickets and off we go~

We walked in towards the tram station and saw otters n maned wolf on our way. We to polar bear exhibite thinking we could see Inuka but was disappointed. All we saw are water, rocks n some photos introducing Inuka etc. We wanted to bring Little DinoEgg to see elephants but seems like they do not have them on exhibits, instead only during shows n elephant rides.

We went to Rainforest Kidzworld to have our lunch @ KFC, planning to eat our fill and then play real hard at the playground. However it started to rain heavily just before we finished our food, spoiling our plans!!!! SO SAD! Little DinoEgg was really looking forward to play in the water. We left Kidzworld when the rain turns smaller intending to head home.

We headed off to amphitheater to catch the show by some monkeys, ducks, eagle, orang utan etc. Then Little DinoEgg said he wanted to see some elephants! However we have either missed the show time or the next show was some time away. We walk by the elephant rides and realised that tickets booth have been closed, next show is at 4.30. Its about 1 n half hours away, but he's been asking about the elephants since we stepped in the zoo, so to satisfy him, we decided to go for the elephant ride.

To kill the time, we walked around looking at the chimpz, orang utan, sun bear etc. I finally get to see the sun bear! Everytime I visited the zoo I had wanted to see them but then they were always out of the way. We saw the lone sun bear going round n round its "home". It would go into a sort of a cave n then come out from far behind (we couldn't see as the stones n shrubs blocked our view), go to the metal door smell abit then walk back to the cave to do the same thing again... Wondering whether its feeding time n sun bear is hungry haha~

Finally its 4pm! We head back to the ticket booth to buy the tickets for the elephant rides n 15mins later daddy got our ticket! We quickly head off to the elephant ride to queue up, Little DinoEgg was very excited, keep asking me where is the elephant. I keep replying him have to wait for the elephant to come. Then we head a dull clung-clung sound n saw an elephant with its keepers coming down the road. Little DinoEgg saw it and keep telling me to "see mummy see, elephant!" We waiting for abt 20mins till our turn, can sense that Little DinoEgg was abit afraid when we were getting up the elephant, this is the first time he is so close to this majestic creature! The bumpy ride was about 5mins but it sure make Little DinoEgg super happy~

We made a slow walk back to the entrance. On our way we visited the white tigers, warthog (I did not know a wild boar can be such an ugly creature!), taphir etc.

Daddy says he wanted to buy something for Little DinoEgg, as something for him to remember about his first visit to the zoo. We walked around the gift store and could not find something useful, it was filled with soft toys of different animals. Well Little DinoEgg was interested in them, picking up 1 after another n kissing a few of them, but we did not want to get soft toys for him as he has a few already. Then I spotted some small cup and told daddy about it. We let Little DinoEgg chose from the range of elephant, tiger, rhino n giffrae. He made a bee lone for the elephant cups n even chose the color himself. He wanted to grab the cup n walk out of the store, we have to pull him back n tell him have to pay for it first. The counter lady put the cup in a small paper bag n he so proudly carries it, dun even allow me to hold it for him. Only managed to get it off his hands when he dozed off in the cab.

The Elephant Cup

It was a fun trip to the zoo even the rain did not dampen our spirits. Surprisingly both me n daddy does not feel tired while walking for few hours. It was only when we sat in the cab that we were attacked by the tiredness :P Next place to go... The Jurong Bird Park!

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