Monday, December 1, 2008

Whats with the Crying?

I do not know what has gotten into Little DinoEgg. As usual once he is inside the school, one of the older kid would wanna help him to take off his shoes etc. And this naughty boy as usual will shakes their hands away. I just happen to see him do that and repremanded him, he turned, took a look at me and wailed! He then took his Elmo bag n dragged it out of the school gate towards me.

Despite my hugging and reassuring him that it is perfectly ok n nothing to cry, he still clings on to me. Teacher Nati try to coaxed him back into the school and was unsuccessful, he simply just cling into to me tighter. I have to ask Teacher Nati to carry him in. While walking away, I can still hear him screaming and crying his head off :(

Later that afternoon I called the school to check on him. Spoke to Teacher Sue and she says when she came in at 7.30am he was still crying... but he was ok after 8pm. She further explained to me that it was his usual self, most of the morning he does not want any of the kids to touch or help him. If he wants or need help he will look for one of the teacher.

Some kind of attitude he has ya? Not sure how to change his this bad behaviour or attitude or habit.... watever u call it....

And NO~ its not some one in the class bullied him; ONLY my son bully others, not the other way round.

And NO~ its not one of the teacher was too fierce towards him or his classmates tt makes him freaked out. The teachers are stern n sometimes fierce BUT Little DinoEgg is not afraid of them, he will listen but will not be freaked out... coz the mummy is 100x fiercer then the teachers wahahaha~

Only thing I can think of is... last week he was only in school for 3 days n he was feeling unwell; vomits n coughing so badly in school, makes him have phobia of going to school? Maybe?? I am clearly clueless...

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