Sunday, January 18, 2009


Little DinoEgg has been rubbing his eyes constantly for the pass few days, sometimes causing his eyes to be red n puffy ~>.<~ On top of that he is still having running nose n some dry cough dispite the almond-chun bei drink I have been giving him for most part of the week. Thus decided to pay Dr Sharon a visit. I was not sure if her clinic is open or not, made a call n know that clinic closes at 1pm. its 10am+ so I quickly bath Little DinoEgg, pack our bag n dash out of the hour within 30mins *madness dash*

As usual, Little DinoEgg was all cheerful n happy whenever we go down to see Dr Sharon. He simply adores her~

I told Dr Sharon about Little DinoEgg's condition n also tt his running nose is still there though the mucus is not transparent instead of yellowish. Her face suddenly got so serious... told me its allergy. She further says that it could be dust mites n even though all the mattres /pillow/bolsters/mattress protector etc claims that their products prevents dust mites, its not 100% true, some how the dust mites will be there. She told me to wash Little DinoEgg's soft toys using hot water of 55-60deg temperature, even the bed sheets, the numerous covers too. This will kill the dust mites. Either that or sun them under really hot sun. She prescribe some anti allergy med which say it will stop the running nose n the itch on the eye in the next 2-3 days.

Before we leave Little DinoEgg did a shameless thing... he was eying the bottle of sweet Dr Sharon has on her table. Then he stretched out his hands and say "sweet." *faintz* I was so embarrass! I quickly made Little DinoEgg ask for it nicely n in proper manner, so he asked again "Dr Sharon, may I have sweet pls~?" Dr Sharon gave him one n aside from the "Thank You~" he gave her a hug n a kiss too ^^ Happy Dr Sharon n happy Little DinoEgg.

So~~~ no more Elmo, Cookie Monster, Mr Hippo, BearBear, MyCow etc on the bed any more!

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