Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese Reunion Dinner

Its Chinese Lunar New Year eve, as a tradition we are suppose to have a dinner with all the family memebers, thus its call the Chinese Reunion Dinner.

We went over to Granny's house for an early dinner. Bro n family were already there, then we were told that sis n family will only be here at 7pm+ Mum was busy warming up the food, she cooked all of these yummy food earlier today as she needs to pray to daddy.

There are curry, abacus (a Hakka traditional food), fish, herbal soup, fish ball, fried noodle n fried broccoli with prawns. Yummy yummy~~ All of us sat down for the dinner, even Little DinoEgg, though his bowl only have the fried fish ball. SIL is busy feeding him with some fish n feeding little Megan. Surprisingly Little DinoEgg was ok with SIL, he seldom see her coz she is busy n dun visit Granny's house as often. He seldom accepts food or be as friendly to anyone who he is not familiar with. Granny's curry is so yummy~~ she added the tau-kee which is m fav~~ I ate a big bowl of rice with alot of the curry!! Yummy! However after finishing my dinner, I sort of regret... coz later still have another round of roast yummilious things later at home with Grandma n Grandpa.

We just finish our dinner when sis n family arrives~ They had their reunion dinner at home with sis' in-laws before coming over. Well, they have Little DinoEgg to join them at the dinner table hehehe~

After we had our dinner n rest a while, we left Granny's place at around 8pm n headed home.

Grandpa immediately bring out all the roast yummy food; roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork n PSS~~ *slurp slurp* Little DinoEgg joined us too, however I think he had enough food earlier (though I did not give him 1 full bowl of rice), he started to play with his rice from the moment he sat down at the table. He went over board by dunking his rice onto the roast chicken =.= That got daddy very mad n ordered him away from the dinner table.

About the same time I finished my dinner and so I sat with Little DinoEgg to watch the tv while the rest finishes their dinner.

Overall both dinner are good, food are yummy :) I ate my fill at both dinners.

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