Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heat Monster pays a visit

This morning Little DinoEgg woke up at 4am plus crying, asking for milk. After his milk he does not want to go back to sleep. I got angry.... Daddy got up n took over. A while later he came out of the room carry the now-awaken Little DinoEgg. Daddy says that Little DinoEgg woke him up, telling him that he's got a headache n head on fire, he then pretend he is a fireman n spray water on the "fire". Daddy touched his forehead n its burning hot, measured his temperature and its 38deg+

Gave Little DinoEgg paracetamol n I decided to take a day's off since Granny is not feeling well too. He sat down on the sofa watching tv while feeling drowsy n cranky.

Later daddy got ready for work n suddenly he got very clingy on daddy, wouldn't let him go to work, keep crying "I want Pa-pa!". We thought we could distract him by saying its time for nap, bought him into the room but he still cries for daddy. Daddy has no choice but to come into the room n pacify him. He even want daddy to carry him while sleeping, daddy have to let him lie down on his chest while he falls asleep. Daddy sneaked off to work after he falls deep into slumber.

Little DinoEgg was still feverish, so I decided to bring him to see Dr Sharon coz I was not sure if the anti-allergy med she gave 2 days ago is causing the fever. Plus I was not feeling well too :( having blocked nose... I decided to see her n take medical leave too.

When Dr Sharon saw Little DinoEgg, she frowned, but it was those concerned frown coz Little DinoEgg just saw her on Sunday and today is here again. I told her he's got fever n asked abt the anti-allergy med, she said that medicine will not cause any reaction etc. She listen to his lungs, check his throat, took his temperature, prescribe some medicine and off we went.

Hopefully his temperature will be done n gone after the medicine, but I have a feeling that its going to be around for a few more days.

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