Saturday, January 31, 2009

ToyBox here I come!

Today went to ToyBox trial again, but this time we are going for the 2yr old class @ 9am.

Class starts with the 2 boxes of musical instruments again while waiting for the rest to arrives. We did the drum thing again to introduce ourselves. There are more students in this class, around 8 (did not really count), hmm... 3 boys n the rest are girls. The 2yr old class has got more fun n laughter, music is more cheeful n relax. There were even a session with the magic bag~ and out came the magic bag is the rainbow scarf and Bingo the dog.

An hour later the class ended with an excited Little DinoEgg and an exhausted me~ However I am very satisfy with the session, thus I decided to sign up for the class.

Its clearly that Little DinoEgg is able to follow the instruction n join in the song n dance. He was following or try to follow Uncle Reuben in all the actions in the song. One thing that bothers me is that he keeps coughing, not sure whether its the air con that is making his throat irritatable or the carpet round circle which we sits on. He was ok at home but when he stepped into the studio he starts coughing.

I hope to cure this once n for all coz while he was dancing n doing the actions he coughs. Most of the time he cough without covering his mouth, thus to the other mummies, its like he is spreading the cough virus. I feel so bad, but how to tell them that its the allergy that is making his nose run n cough.

Regardless! I am very excited that I have finally found a place where Little DinoEgg can let out some steam with vigourous dancing, moving n singing! I am also definate that I will be a slimmer self in months to come ~^^~

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