Monday, January 12, 2009

Whats that you say?

Its our usual R&R on 1 of the weekends, we were in the living room with the TV on, me in front of the laptop n Little DinoEgg playing with his toys not far away from me. Then Little DinoEgg moved close to me then he say to me "Mummy, come sit with me get there." Puzzled I ask him to repeat again, he repeat n then pulled my arm, indicating me to sit beside him. He said again this time alittle bit slower n louder, "Sit here with me TO-GE-THER!" *hey getting a little bit impatient ya*


Just fetched Little DinoEgg, was walking towards RM n he say

"Mummy, see, a fire hydrant."
Me "Oh ya, its a fire hydrant"
Little DinoEgg "Ya, fire hydrant, the fireman take the water n pssss~pssss~" *pretend to hold a hose to put out imaginery fire*


Was playing rough with Little DinoEgg;

*slapped his diapered butt*
"Aye! Why hit my backside~" *giggle giggle*

*poked his ribs to tickle him*
"Aye! Dun POKE ME!" *more giggle*

*tickle him non stop*
"Mummy! Dun tickle me!"

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