Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dun push me, I bite!

First of all we finally managed to reach the Boogie Bug 5mins before the class starts *applause applause*, we finally get to sing Mr Sun song after missing it for 3-4 times in a row, Little DinoEgg finally interact with Jordon & Julian. Dun get me wrong, its not that they are not in talking terms or wat, just that they never had a chance to play together. And the chance came~ when every one was playing with the musical instruments.

Then came the "tragedy"... Julian gave the eggs noise makers to Little DinoEgg who gladly accepted it coz its one of his favorite item. So he took the eggs n began running around the place with Jordon chasing him, trying to grabbed the golden egg and Julian running in between them trying to stop Jordon from getting the eggs.

Little DinoEgg ran to me n sat on my laps, hoping to keep off the boys, who knows Jordon was persistent, came up to him n wanted to snatch the golden egg from him. With his hands full of eggs n no where to retreat, Little DinoEgg screamed n cry out. Me, Jordon's maid n Uncle Rueben was trying our best to break the boys up when suddenly Jordon wailed... tts when I saw a bite mark on his arm... Seems that Little DinoEgg has bite him, I guess with his hands full n unable to fight off or push Jordon away (any way he was taught not to push pple), he decided to bite him.

I immediately told Little DinoEgg off! Was so shocked coz this is the 1st time I see him reacting this way! I made him apologise to Jordon but of course he did not want to. I reasoned with him that it is wrong to bite others n he did say sorry to Jordon who seems to have cried for 2 mins n forgotted abt it. In my heart I know that Little DinoEgg was not entirely at fault but I still have to teach him the correct behaviour & attitude.

Later when I saw Jordon's mum, I went up to apologise to her too. However she seems to me like she does not want to talk to me and gave an irritated look at me. Hey dun get me wrong, I have NEVER spoken or offend this mummy since I started the class. Maybe Little DinoEgg's outburst of energy n outspoken attitude irks some pple. In any case when I return back to class, I was told that jus before I spoke to her, Uncle Rueben has spoken to her abt the incident. Maybe she expressed her displeasure to him but kept that to herself when I went up to her.

Well, I have done my part; make my son aplogised to the child n I apologised to the mummy so I have nothing to feel guilty. However when I said sorry to her, she said ok, then said "sometimes thats the way they settle they score (or something like tt, cannot remember)." I just smile n walked away... later when I think back, I have a feeling that she is saying about my son. Does she mean that this is the way my son always do when fighting for toys etc? Hmm.... .... ....

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