Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Celebration at The Plaza

Bro reserved a table at The Plaza for our birthday celebration dinner. We were in charge of getting the birthday cake. We pop by Polar to grab a cake as I have their discount card. while Daddy queue to pay, me n Little DinoEgg went outside the store as its small n abit over crowded. We took the chance to take some photos, look at this cheeky monkey.

While waiting for daddy who is getting the Birthday cake

The Birthday Cake~

Finally daddy got the cake and we made our way to the hotel. We were the 1st ones to arrive~ so we sat at the lobby waiting for the rest to arrive. At almost close to 7.30pm, they arrive almost at the same time :) And we headed to the restaurant.

Waiting for the rest to arrive

We had a sumptous din, Little DinoEgg had a fill with his favourite prawns, think he ate about 10 of them!!! He did not take much rice expcept for the 2 sushi rolls, coz the main course veggies are either spicy or fried. We subsitute his meal with prata, fruits, soup etc. We had a good time too, the oysters are really fat n yummy *slurp slurp*

Then its cake cutting time~ The kids sang in their loudest 2 version of the Happy Birthday, Granny was grinning from ear to ear.

Granny's 4 little imps

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