Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shoe Horn

For the pass weeks I am having problem with Little DinoEgg, almost every morning I will have a protesting, whinning n even crying child, almost every morning I will leave house with my temper blowing... Its actually nothing, its just a pair of SANDALS, yupe u read it correctly, SANDALS.

Everytime its time to wear sandals or shoes to go out, Little DinoEgg will insist on STANDING UP to put his sandals on! Regardless of how we scold, threaten, say it the nice way, the harsh way, he WILL NOT sit down and wear them! We do not when it started but we know how it comes about. He must have seen us slipping our feet into our slippers or shoes STANDING UP. Thus he also wants to do the same. However it is difficult to do so with SANDALS... ... ... Most of the time he could not put his feet in and he will start to protest "Mummy cannot! Mummy cannot!", when I want to help he will say "NOOO!!!" follow by throwing himself down on the floor and throw the sandals one side =.=

Last week in one of the morning he was at it again, this time instead of crying "Mummy cannot!" he went to the shoe cabinet to take the shoe horn. He must have seen Daddy use it to put on his shoes thus wanted to do the same too. He took the shoe horn, trying to stick it into his sandals but he got it the wrong way. Lucky he allowed me to show him the correct way instead of protesting again.

This morning while getting ready for Boogie Bug, he went to take the shoe horn for his shoes. And with out my assistant he managed to put his feet into the shoe with ease. He was sooo~~ proud n I am so happy that he accomplish another task on his own.

Now I have to be careful what we do in front of him as he is observing n learning things quietly.

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