Friday, April 24, 2009

Small birthday celebration

Fetched Little DinoEgg from school and headed off to get a cake for daddy. When we were on the way to take the LRT to CP, I told Little DinoEgg tt we are getting a cake for daddy as its his birthday today, he was excited~

We went into Polar and Little DinoEgg starts to look at the cakes... without much hesitation he chose the Black Forest cake, reason being obvious ^^

Before we eat the cake, we headed off to have a fish steamboat dinner at a restaurant in Lim Tua Tao road. Food is so-so but Little DinoEgg enjoys them, especially the crispy on the yam ring dish =.= Being a humid day, I ordered a sour plum drink which I let him sipped a few mouthful, he can do with some cooling.

After dinner, we went home, rest awhile and took out the cake. Little DinoEgg clearly loves birthday cakes, he couldn't wait while I get the cake out of the box, put the candle on n light it. He was repeating "mummy I want, mummy I want" non stop! Finally about 5 mins later, we sang the birthday song to daddy with DinoEgg singing the loudest n the happiest amongst us.

Birthday cake for Daddy

Birthday kiss for Daddy

Hope daddy is happy with just a small celebration :P Would have arranged for a small gathering with friends but errmm.... I sort-of remember the weeks wrong ~>.<~ Thought 24th is NEXT WEEK!

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