Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swimming on a hot day

We missed out the 1st swimming gathering @ Enry's house, and last week it rained so couldn't go, today it was a sunny day!!!! THEN we saw some dark clouds around noon time n heard thunder around 1pm+ :( We hope n pray it will not rain, we send Little DinoEgg for his nap n hope for the best.

Too bad we already told Little DinoEgg this morning that we are going for a swim, he was really looking forward to it. If we are unable to go, we are going to get an earful from him *stressed up*

Heaven must have heard our prayers~~~ coz by the time Little DinoEgg wakes up from his nap it was sunny n hot~ Definately a good day for a dip in the pool. We got ready, but when I try to change Little DinoEgg's clothes he insist on putting on his swim suit... took me a while to persuade him that we ARE going to Auntie Enry's house for a swim. Finally got him ready n out we fly to Enry's house.

The rest were late so we waited a while, Little DinoEgg saw the pool and was all excited, keep wanting to near to the pool. I quickly change him into his swim suit, by the time we are done, the rest also arrived. We finally went into the baby pool, Little DinoEgg play with his kor-kor Francis hehe~

We went over to the middle pool coz some kids who were in the swimming class were at the small baby pool. Little DinoEgg actually wanted to walk into the pool as he thought its as shallow as the baby pool. We made him wear the swimming ring n he "float" on the water. Initially he was frighten coz his feet couldn't touch the floor, after some coaxing he managed to enjoy the floating feeling. He even managed to swim through n fro me n daddy. He was so happy that he can actually move just by kicking his leg in the water.

We had an enjoyable 1 hour plus in the pool, we decided to head out of the pool n into the shower room. Since Aldric is still napping we decided to go up to Enry's house to wait for him to wake up. Francis showed us the guppies they caught at Pasir Ris longkang ytd~ wow~~ when will it be our turn???

After a dinner at Ajisen, we went our separate ways, heading for home, tired and happy; well especially Little DinoEgg, think he will be dreaming abt the swimming later in his dreamland.

Wanted to take photo for the swim but there was a sign tt says No Photos n Vidoe Taking... Too bad May couldn't join us. May hope u get well soon~ next time join again :D

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