Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Lunch

We decided to go for an early Mother's Day celebration with mum as it will be crowded and the restuarant usually will raise up their prices on the actual day.

We arranged to meet up at T3 Dian Xiao Er for a lunch. Sis had a fever due to the flu n cough so she was unable to join us. Daddy had a training that over runs n he too was unable to join us.

While waiting for our food, I told SIL tt if I know there is a Crystal Jade @ T3, I would have suggested lunching there, SIL agreed with me too hahaha~ Anyway the food at Dian Xiao Er was sumptous too. Though the portion was a wee bit much for 5 adults n 2 kids.

After our lunch we went down to T3 basement to walk around as everyone is feeling too full to sit in the car n go home. The kids had a good time playing with the "money-eating" machines. This is also the 1st time Little DinoEgg sat on one that actually moves. I was afraid he will be crying n wailing but he did not... though he tried a few times to get down from the moving "car" as he usually will once he had enough "driving", gave all of us, especially Granny.

After all the screaming n squealing we went shop shop abit. SIL wanted to go Mini Toons to get some stuffs for Megan, plus T3 is having NO GST Promo. She wanted to buy something for Little DinoEgg but as he has not asked for gifts from anyone plus we do not practice demanding of toys when shopping since he was young so he doesn't want anything. However when SIL was asking Megan to chose a water bottle for herself, he got interested hehe~ but still does not dare to request for it. He only grab a few n look at them. When SIL was about to pay for her stuffs, she asked Little DinoEgg the last time "You sure you do not want anything??" He shaked his head but went back to look at the water bottle. I was with him n asked if he wants one, he nodded. I said "ok mummy buy for u." Instead he grab one n dash to the counter n pass it to SIL *OMG* So SIL bought the water bottle for him.
Little DinoEgg liked the water bottle so much that he insist on hugging it to bed =.=

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