Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mad Jack Cafe

Daddy wanted to go for some nice food other then the usual food courts and restaurants we frequent. However we have no idea where to go that is kids friendly. I did a search on the web n came across Mad Jack Cafe , saw fm the website the food looks so delicious~ best of all they have a branch near our house!

We were still skeptical on their food coz we all know that pictures always tell lies right? Well this time, the pictures really says it all FOR REAL!

Daddy's Lamb Shank

My Ribeye

Litte DinoEgg's Fish n Chips

Appettizer Cheesy Garlic Bread

We enjoyed our food very much. The lamb shank is cooked till soft n tender, meat almost melt in my mouth when I put it in. Ribeye was nicely done, I requested for medium done n its not over cooked. The fish n chips are so far the best value for money I have eaten. When the dish came, we saw that the fish was in a huge lump, we thought it was probably the flour being fried till it expanded. Got a surprise when I cut the fish, its really FISH! Not empty air inside! Its a good big piece of fish, the meat does not break down when u try to poke it with a fork, this show just how fresh the fish is. Very impressed~

Total bill for the meal is $75.20 *phew* but we think its worth it. Will definitely come back again.

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