Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No means NO!

The school has let Little DinoEgg go diaperless except for nap time, for the pass few weeks so when I fetch him, he wears his underwear.

Sometimes when we reach home after our dinner he would need to use the toilet to pass motion, he is ok with doing it in the toilet bowl but recently he does not want to do that, not sure of the reason. Now when we put on the diaper for him after his bath he will wanna do his "business". The funny thing is if I ask him, he will shake his head n insist on doing it in the diaper, but when daddy ask him, he will nod his head n go to the toilet willingly *duhz*

Today, same thing happens, after his bath he stood at the coffee table looking as if he is in deep thoughts but actually is doing his "business". I asked him to use the toilet but he shakes his head. I made eye contact with daddy to signal to him to ask Little DinoEgg and his answer is "No, No means NO!" WAH! Both of us were taken aback. We thought nothing to it, coz sometimes when he is frustrated he will be fierce, which we of course always correct him. Nevertheless, we will be on a lookout for this again, see if he still refuses to use the toilet bowl to pass his motion.

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