Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sad Sad Sad

Went to fetch Little DinoEgg, peep into his class at the window as usual, he was happy to see me, then next second his face scrunch up n tell me he wants his underwear. I looked at Teacher Violet who said that he has forgotten n pee on his pants twice while playing with the legos... no more underwear for him :( I turn n told him that its ok no need to wear, he sat down n cry so so sadly. I have to tell him that I have his underwear in my bag then he is willing to stand up n get his bag.

When out of the school, it was raining so I took out his jacket then saw his blue Bakugan ball broken. Took it out n asked Little DinoEgg what happened, he said "Nathan spoil my Bakugan" then broke down n cry so so so sadly again.

Have never hear him cry till so heart wrenching before, not even when I cane him, so he must have felt real hurt n sad. Luckily I bought some toys before I went over to the school, used that to distract him n he was happy for a while.

On the way to Granny's house, even though he was carrying that box of toy, he was still mumbling about Nathan naughty, must go n find that kor-kor to get another Bakugan, must ask daddy to use screwdriver to repair the spoilt Bakugan etc etc...

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