Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the Zoo!

Yupe! Went to the zoo with Serene n her niece n nephew. We had a great time! Surprisingly I was not as tired as the last time though this time we did more walking, no tram ride. This time we managed to walk around the Kidz World, most importantly Little DinoEgg get to play with the water slide and everything!

This time we also managed to catch the full Elephant at Work show. Today's theme is Giraffe haha~ so we have to plan our route tt includes the giraffe. When we were there we saw that they have feeding giraffe but with a token of $5. For the fun n experience we paid $5 n let Little DinoEgg have some fun. He was really thrill to be up close n personal with the giraffe.

"Ok, we shall go here then there n then that side!"

*Feeding the giraffe*

*1st carousel ride*

And we ended the day with a round of yummy Ben & Jerry's ice cream for all~

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