Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip to Parkway Parade

Attended Little Hikura's 1st birthday this afternoon, it was a good n enjoyable party. Little Hikura is so handsome~ haha~ quote the mummy :P

After the party went down to Parkway Parade to check out a shop selling party decos n stuffs. Nothing fantastic, the usual paper plates, napkins, banners, party bags etc of different cartoon or movie characters. Things dun come cheap too. Went in n 20mins later came out with Bob the Builder birthday banner n 2 packet of balloons, costing me $20.90! Oh dun misunderstand that I took a long time to choose, its coz the shop is small n cramp, plus with a family n their pram in the middle of the shop, no place for me n Little DinoEgg to stand...

Oh and with the balloons all within his reach, it did not take long before Little DinoEgg grabbed 1 n wanted to put it into his mouth to blow it up! Aiks! so dirty! He ask me in such a pitiful tone n I gave in, asked him to choose another one coz the one he got has got flower print. Got a blue one with a bear print on it, took to the counter to blow it up @ $2.20 *WOW* Expensive right? But nvm lah, once in a while indulge in Little DinoEgg. He was super happy with the balloon! The lady tie it to his hand n he was happily jump up n down hitting the balloon. Must be wondering how come regardless of how hard he hit the balloon dun fly away hahahaha~

Then an incident happened... we were at Kiddy Palace,I was searching for an item, he was following me while jumping n hitting the balloon. Then he cry out "Mummy PAIN!" I thot he bang into some shelf or wat, turn n see... dunno to be angry with him or laugh my head off. He must have been playing with the string, twisting n turning his arms around the string till it got so tight n tangled... I was trying to calm him, curb my laugh n untangle the string. OMG! How difficult it is! However, after freeing his hands, there were fierce red marks on them... heart pain... next time must keep an eye on him.

Photos taken at the mall

He insisted on taking photo with Goofy

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