Friday, July 31, 2009

Dinner with Friends

Just had a wonderful dinner at the Mushroom Pot with daddy, Serene, Nicole & Thomas.

Its a funny thing that every time we arrange for dinner, all of us have NO IDEA where the dinner location is wahahha~~ This time I did a search, found out the location n tell the rest ^^ Daddy was feeling under the weather n initially said he is not joining but last minute he decided to join *yippee*. We arranged to meet up at 7pm n daddy was the 1st to reach Orchard as his appointment ends early. I linger around the office doing a bit of things (both work n personal) then join daddy after I pop by Singpost. Eunice has been shopping in town since noon!!! Shiok sia! Next to reach is Serene n Thomas says he will be late so we started without him.

The restaurant is located inside OG, atmosphere is ok, food portion... errr.... they only give 4 fishballs, 4 prawns, 2 clams etc... every portion is 4 pple's share... and we have 5 pple at the table... so have to order a few more times. We had a good time chatting n relaxing while eating the yummy food. Though the restaurant's name is Mushroom Pot, they have other things to add into the steamboat such as beef, pork, pork's liver, chicken etc. They even have fried noodles too. Daddy n I find that the food is not bad, at least we do not feel thirsty after drinking the soup.

After our yummy n filling dinner plus a few minutes of hesitation, we decided to head off Häagen-Dazs for a round of yummy ice cream.

All of us agree that the food is good, the company is great and the dinner is wonderful! Looking forward to our next makan session~

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