Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heat Monster visit

Went to fetch Little DinoEgg on Monday evening n he felt warm, later confirm tt he was having fever, slightly over 38Deg. Tue n Wed fever comes n go :( Sometimes hit high of 38.5Deg. Today he is still not well, this morning ard 2am+ his fever was 38Deg+ again. Fed him paracetamol then realized that I should feed him iburufen instead *OMG* brain was still sleeping... I keep checking on him n luckily abt 30mins later fever went down to 37Deg.

His throat must be very bad to make the heat monster to stay for so many days. His tongue is red n lips cracked. He drinks alot of water but still does not help much.

I hope he will get better today n heat monster go away for good.

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