Friday, July 17, 2009

My turn to be sick

I caught Little DinoEgg's virus :( Sore throat n flu. Went to see Dr Ivan Ong on Tuesday n he gave me some med + 2days MC, but I can only take 1 day coz I have some work to finish.

Went back to work on Wednesday n got sent back home by boss :( Asked me why I still come ino office when I am still sick... *duhz* Come to work also got questioned... simple reason right? Coz have work to do. Anyway went home after lunch feeling somewhat sad. In my 20+ yrs of working I was only being doubt when I DO NOT turn up for work, never have I been question the reason for appearing in the office. In my 20+ yrs of working, so long as I am not sick till bed ridden I am expected to be in the office.

Anyway since boss is so scared of me hehe~ plus I am still feeling lethargic I decided to take MC today n rest. Took my flu med n slept for a couple of hours, woke up n felt much better ^^

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