Thursday, July 2, 2009

One little monkey

"5 little monkeys jumping on the bed
1 fell down n bump his head... ..."

Well in this case its One Little Naughty Monkey!

We were having dinner at Ajisen, this little monkey keeps standing up n jumping on the sofa. I have been telling him "sit down, dun jump! Later u will fall down!" etc etc, all fallen to deaf ears. Give up on him! He was still playing while eating too. I was trying to finish my noodles so tt I can make him sit down n I feed his noodle to him. Then I heard a loud knock! Apparently this little monkey was swinging his legs while supporting onto the table at one hand n the sofa at the other hand, his left hand slipped n he fell forward. Head bang the table real hard, of course he immediately cry "Ouch... mummy pain~" *tears start rolling down*

And of course the diners at the tables opposite us all turned n look at us. Some must have feel very heart pain for this little monkey, some definitely thinks he deserves it. Well I think he deserves it. Told this little monkey that he hurt himself becoz he did not listen to my warnings, told him to shushed since he misbehave thus cannot make noise. Almost immediately his tears stop but I still hug him tight n kiss his bump on the head.

When we are done with our dinner another table of mummy, daughter n grandma left together. The grandma saw him n the bump felt so heart pain. Ask him "pain or not?" He gave the grandma a cheeky smile. I told grandma, "not pain lah, if pain he will not be so happy."

This little fella... maybe his pain tolerance level is high...

Monkeying around while waiting for our food

See the bump and see his expression

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