Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whats that you say?

Due to his recent HFMD, we bought quite alot of jelly as his mouth is full of ulcers n we were afraid that he might not want to eat. Jelly can help curb his hunger for a while. Since he have recovered from his ulcer 2 days ago, he still try to get the jelly from us, here is what he did;

Little DinoEgg : Da-ddyyy~ (softly n looking so sad)
Daddy : Yes baby?
Little DinoEgg : My tummy is so sleepy... I need to wake it up with jelly.
Daddy : ???

I was doing some packing n Little DinoEgg wants to play with his Thomas train set.

Little DinoEgg : Pa-pa, can I play with the train?
Daddy : No, later coz mummy is doing things on the floor.
Little DinoEgg come up to me n whisper : Mummy u do faster ok?

And for the next 10mins or so, he keep reminding me to "do faster" =.=

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