Monday, July 13, 2009

You think its gone?

NO! AArrggghhhh!!!

Yesterday night Little DinoEgg was feeling warm, took the temperature and it says 37.4Deg, mild fever. Did not gave him any medicine coz since its mild n PD advises to give only it hits over 37.4Deg

This morning he is ok... However when I fetch him fm school he was feeling warm again. Chesty cough is still there, but not coughing as frequent n breathless as last week. The TCM really helps, at least he is able to sleep through the night; well except for a couple of times he wakes up looking for his rectangle (God knows wat tt is!), his smelly aka bolster, mummy, daddy n the list goes on....

And this morning he cry when the school gate closed at him! Gosh! I think its the 4 days absence from school that suddenly gave him the fear n fright of going to school. Funny thing is for the pass week he's been telling me that he wants to go to school, dun wanna go to Granny's house (Granny looks after him while mummy goes work), and today THIS???

Anyway he was crying "I want mummy! I want MUMMY!" with the occasion "I want my bagukan!" *??????* Did I hear wrongly? Well NOPE, coz he said that a couple of times. I have to harden my heart to turn n go, with the image of him crying at the gate with arms stretched out, wanting me to hug him n bring him home. While I walk away, he cry louder n louder n louder... even when I am at the next block I can still hear his cries. Sorry son, for doing this on you...

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