Sunday, August 9, 2009

3rd Birthday Bash

The day has come for the birthday bash! Ytd nite we packed the treat boxes n put up the birthday banner, all done by 12 mid night ^^

Here is the treat boxes I got for the kids this year. I got it from Party in a Bag, value for money n different from the usual goodie bags Little DinoEgg receives. As usual, I over stuffed them with too much goodies.

I went out at 11.30m to collect the birthday cake, 12.30pm the buffet is all set up. Guests are already arriving by the time I reach home at 1.30pm. As usual, too many things to do, only 2 hands n not much time to take photos :P

Uncle Jack was so eager to show Little DinoEgg, he got him so interested in his pressie that Little DinoEgg insisted on opening it right there n then.



Party was a success though a few of the friends did not turn up, they were either sick, house arrest (not H1N1 hehe~) or family matters crop up. The kids AND the adults love the alligator treat box (Ya Noel its ALLIGATOR, not dinosuars, not monkey lol).

Thank you all for coming to the party!


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