Monday, August 10, 2009

Ervin's party

We are going for Ervin's 3rd birthday party~ so excited! Coz May booked me like a month ago lol. Party starts at 1pm but we arrived late coz it was raining.

We were the first guests to arrive n later on I was told that we were the ONLY guests! Coz Enry couldn't make it n its a small family n close frens celebration. Regardless, the most important thing is the kids enjoy themselves.

Its a Thomas the Train theme party! Look at the cake n jelly! Cool right?? I can never arrange for such theme coz I am simply to lazy to search n find those people who bake cakes at home for such parties LOL. Look at Little DinoEgg's party recently... the most I did was the cake, birthday banner n balloons hehee~ Even the treat boxes were of different theme...

Even though there were only 3 kids; Little DinoEgg, Ervin n Erlene, they had a fun time. May's elder sis even play hide n seek with Little DinoEgg, how funny this little fella is, such a simple n easy game can sets him giggle n laughing with excitement. The 2 boys is very fascinated by the BIG singing Thomas balloon, keeps jumping up n hit it so tt it can sing the birthday song. And the food! Wow, its yummy too, all cooked by May's mum, oh n who can forget the oneh-oneh by May's MIL??? When I left I took a big box of oneh-oneh n jelly, yummy yummy!

I only have the cake n jelly photos coz I was not in the mood of taking photograph. Perhaps its due to the coziness of May's house, makes me so relax :P BTW Ms May, I am still waiting for the CD... *drum fingers*

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