Sunday, August 2, 2009

No! I dun want school!

Pass few days I kept mentioning SCHOOL to Little DinoEgg and he says he does not want to go to school. Not even when I mentioned his friend's names, teachers' names n his favourite teacher misses him soooo much (white lies of coz). Last Friday morning I told him that we are going to school but he insisted on going to Granny's house. I asked him the reason and he says becoz Granny's house has alot of things to play~ In my heart I was saying "Ya right! More like no one stops u from watching tv WHOLE DAY!" Anyway we went to Granny's house coz he was not allowed to go back to school since he failed his HFMD review last Wednesday.

So tonight I mentioned SCHOOL again n he was sad, started to cry say want to go Granny's house n dun wanna go school. Well, to get him accept the idea of going to school tomorrow, I asked him to help choose the set of clothes he is bringing to school. That got him interested n excited. He happily choose the x3 tee shirts, x3 shorts n x3 underwears. Satisfied, he went off to play.

Just now while in bed, we talked about his friends n teachers too. I reminded him about the things he does in school, asked him whether he was sent to Teacher Sue's office when he was naughty, he replied NO n went on to tell me his classmates was the one being sent there "becoz they disturb me! So Teacher Sue put them in the office." hahaha~~

Keeping my fingers crossed that I do not have to walk away from a crying child tomorrow.

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