Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Intro to Usborne

I decided to show 1 of the Usborne First Reading books I bought last week as a surprise to Little DinoEgg for being such a good n well behaved boy.

I showed him The Fox and the Crow book and he was delighted! Of course I made it clear to him that becoz he is such a good boy today, mummy is giving him a surprise :) And Little DinoEgg is truly a book lover n couldn't wait to finish his milk then for me to read it to him.

As this is also the first time I am seeing the book (they were shrink wrapped at the book store so I could not browse it), I have no idea how to go about reading to him.

Well the book is simple, VERY SIMPLE, only few words per page. Little DinoEgg is used to books with bright colored pictures, when he saw the pastel colored pages, he looked at me confused. I have to describe the pages with my words, using exaggerating words n different tone.

There are some activities at then back of the but its too difficult for Little DinoEgg so I skipped it.

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