Monday, September 21, 2009

Marche lunch

Meeting Serene today for a yummy lunch at Marche at Vivo. Passing her the baby gifts for Nicole.

The minute Serene mention Marche, I immediately think of their beef stew, Serene is craving for the rostti n daddy thinks of the pig's knuckle hehehhee~~ This show its been a long time since we last visited Marche.

We met up at 11.30am, lucky there is not much crowd but afte we settle down, the crowd starts coming in. By 12pm the place is soooo crowded n its so difficult to move around.

I ordered a bowl of chicken pasta, thinking tt its a small portion but when its done my jaws almost dropped... Its like a portion for 2 pax! And I actually intend to let Little DinoEgg eat this :( Ended up he does not want to eat n I have to finish it alone. Little DinoEgg love the broccoli soup, he is not eating much, maybe its coz of the milk and a piece of bread he had earlier.

Oh and they have such a dumb rule... I had to bring Little DinoEgg to the toilet, we headed to the back of the restaurant n was told to go by the front. Squeezing through the crowd we managed to reach the front only to know that we have to bring 2 cards (1 card per pax) so back we went to our table to get it. When we squeeze our way back to the front, the lady at the front ask for the cards which I gave her, THEN she ask for some ID... duhz!!!! Who the hell know have to bring ID OR bring the whole barang barang out to the toilet?!?!?! I was abit upset... imagine I dragged a 3 yr old with a pee urgency up n down the restaurant, u think how long can he hold his pee??? I raised my voice n told them "Can I just bring my son to the toilet?" Seeing me clearly upset they let me go out.

We dashed to the toilet, into the cubicle, and I pulled down Little DinoEgg's DIAPER!!!!!! I almost faint... I act rude for nothing! Daddy changed Little DinoEgg's clothes this morning and did not let me know that he put on diaper for him. Best part is, before we left the table, I told him that his son wants to go toilet =.=

When we got back to the restaurant, I apologise to the lady for being rude n impatient.

We continue our lunch for an hour plus then leave the restaurant with satisfied stomachs :) HOWEVER, I will not go back again coz the place is so cramp! Not to my liking.

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