Saturday, September 12, 2009

See the pony

No Boogie Bug today!! However, I do not want to stay at home, would like to bring Little DinoEgg out. The others either have their own programs or their kids attending classes. So~~ I decided to visit the ponies again!

Little DinoEgg is very excited when I told him that we are going to see the ponies again. He couldn't stop talking about what he did the last time we were there, pony this pony that. He was screaming when we were at the entrance, I think if the ponies are not fenced up he would have run all the way up n hug them. I told him to stay with the ponies while I went off to grab the $1 pony feed.

He was happily feeding the ponies, not as scared as the last time. However I think there were a couple of times he did not keep his fingers together n flat, the pony sort of chew lightly on them. Its not painful as he did not cry out in pain, just feel abit uncomfortable.

After feeding the ponies, we walked around the small area. He saw some one riding a horse n runing in a ring. Couldn't get his eyes off them, keep wanting to go near the bushes to get a closer look.

It was a hot day n I decided to get an ice cream for him. I let him choose n he took a sour apple ice cream, must be the colorful wrapper that attracts him. Initially it was ok, untill we get to the sour part. Being a hot day, the ice cream melts fast, so he took a mouth of it n a big chunk of the sour ice came off into his mouth... and so the look in the following photo ^^

Sour apple ice cream gives sour face

Remembering the last experience I had, I decided to walk out to the main road, do not want to waste my time directing taxi drivers to the place. I thought it will be a long long walk but I was wrong. Luckily the pavement is shaded by the trees, walk about 10mins n we reach the main road. Took us less then 3 mins to get a cab woohoo~~

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