Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kick n Kick

I am very mad with Little DinoEgg! Teacher Violet told me that he has gone around kicking other kids, luckily the kick was either not hard or he missed. He did not stop even when he was told to do so.

I scolded him in front of the teacher, made him explain the reason for his kicking. All he says was "No! No! Its Kristan (one of the older kid)!" Regardless the reason; most likely toys snatching or something similar, I have told him million of times that kicking is NOT ALLOWED!

We went home immediately and the minute we reach home, I grabbed the cane n wanted an answer from him. He bawled out loudly before I even strike him, anyway my intention is to use the cane to scare him.

Well, message sent across, point noted n remembered. He will not do any kicking any more in school or any where.

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