Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zoo trip

Planned a zoo trip with Catherine as both our kids has been making noise about going to the ZOO!

So made arrangement with Catherine n Geraldine to meet at zoo as early as 9am at zoo (we are crazy right???!!!) It was such a HOT day! Well its better then raining right :P We went for a breakfast at the toast store then headed in. Saw tt we can make it for the elephant show n we rushed there. By time we reached, it was jus starting but its FULL HOUSE! We have to stand at the back under the hot sun, 20mins into the show we decided to move coz its too hot for the kids!

We walked around, see a few animals n decided to head off to the Kids World to cool off! This time I let daddy accompany Little DinoEgg while I relax UNDER THE HOT SUN with Geraldine.
An hour or so later, we got ready to move off... for lunch! Its so crowded at the KFC! And~~ we suddenly wanna visit Mad Jack Cafe :P

Left the zoo with 2 sad kids n 1 tired baby boy. Why sad? Coz Charlotte did not get to see her polar bear n Little DinoEgg did not feed the giraffes. Polar bear coz we missed the feeding time n giraffes enclosure is closed... I have to bluff Little DinoEgg that giraffes are having Heat Monster so cannot come to the zoo today.... I know I am bad but then if I dun say that, he will start his whinning. Charlotte is already making noise about not seeing the polar bears... I have to tell her the same thing too. She half believe me but when Little DinoEgg finally accepted the "fact", she sort of accepted it too.

Sorry kids :( We will visit the zoo again n see these 2 animals ok?

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