Sunday, December 13, 2009

After 20+ years

Recently I managed to get connected back with my secondary school mates~ it was wonderful to see them again. All married with kids but still look the same as in school.

About a month ago, we decided to have a get together at Chris' house. I was very excited coz finally get to see them instead of just chatting online.

We arrived at Chris' house slightly late but Joirene is later then me kekeke~ Then after that I am not quite sure what happened... its a wave of "hellos" "how are you?" "Good to see you", watching the kids mingle n watchful on Little DinoEgg lest he gets out of hand. Sometimes he can react the opposite way if his mood is not right. Luckily he was able to mix with the elder kids, incidentally its all girls hehehe~ Of course with Chloe there I shouldn't have to worry too much since Little DinoEgg seems to like her alot.
The kids starts by playing a game of blocks, then proceed to Eve's room to play, while we adults settle down around the table and start chatting. Chris prepared alot of yummy food but I think everyone's mind are not on them until the kids start coming out of the room requesting for a hotdog here, a muffin there. Then we start to eating n drinking coffee n continue chatting.
A quiet moment in front of the TV

Say Cheese~

We stayed till dinner time n left as we have dinner at mum's place. I had a good time and I am sure Chris, Joirene & Michael too, catching things up. The kids definately enjoyed themselves alot, thats for sure.

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