Saturday, December 12, 2009

CDC Graduation Concert 2009

Today is Little DinoEgg's school graduation concert~ and Little DinoEgg is performing!

We put on the costume that the school prepared; which is a green tee and a beige pants. Reached the auditorium at 1.30pm and wait patiently for Little DinoEgg's performance as its the graduation of all the 3 centres. Little DinoEgg's performance should start around 3pm... long wait but we have tons of laughter n fun coz the kids fm the 1st centre are so cute!

Finally its Little DinoEgg's turn!!!!! Look at him!!!!

Daddy took a vidoe of his performance but the file is too big to upload here :) Little DinoEgg still cannot keep his mischief behaviour even when doing the dance, monkeying around though still keeping up on the dance steps, amazing right?

Note : Now that I see his full costume I understand what di Little Dinoegg mean on Thursday when he say Darren wants to take the "purple tree"

Some photos of the performance from CDC only.

The school did a finale where all the CDC kids & teachers sing a song (sorry forgot what song did they sang). You can see from the photos that Little DinoEgg was initially trying to sing together, then later he was distracted n bored hahaa~ Even got irritated by his crying classmate sitting beside him.

After everything ends, its photo taking with....

Teachers & classmates


and Mummy

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