Sunday, December 20, 2009

Farmer, Fox, Bird & the Cookie by Act 3

In this delightful tale, Farmer, Fox and Bird are quarrelling over one delicious Cookie. What will they do so that all of them will be able to eat the Cookie and be happy? Come, help them trust one another and be friends!

Children will also discover how a whole can be split into halves and quarters.

A little Sparrow is very thirsty and needs to raise the water level in a narrow jar so he can drink from it. What can he do?

Yupe, we are going to watch Farmer, Fox, Bird and the Cookie Plus other stories with Tick, Tack, Tock by ACT 3 Theatrics, and we are watching with Noel+Chloe, Catherine+Charlotte and Catherine's colleague and her daughter.

We arranged to meet Noel+Chloe at Esplanade and go for the play first then lunch together. When we went up to the theatre we saw they set up a table selling some books. And so coincidentally they were selling a book; The Leaf Named Nip Who Flipped, which I was hesitatng to buy for Little DinoEgg. Today they are selling slightly cheaper (I think), plus they give us a free tee. On top of that, the author Mr R Chandran was there and we were able to get the book autographed by him~ You can see more on the book bySYNOPSIS
the illustrator Mr Paul Koh.

This is Little DinoEgg's 2nd Tick Tack Tock play, and he enjoy this better then the last one as he understands the play since he was 2yrs+ when he went for the 1st play. He is able to interact with the performers when they prompt a questions.

And since its a free sitting performance, we decided to sit at the back coz we do not want to block other kids' view, plus I'd rather our kids stand then sitting down coz I do not think its a "sit-down" performance. And I was right ^^ The 4 kids were so engrossed in the play that they ended up standing up. Little DinoEgg even shouted out at the girl in front who is blocking him "Hey! I cannot see!" Opppsss... haha very rude... but he just shouted out, I couldn't stop him on time.

45mins later, we left the place with 3 happy kids. We were walking n came upon Cool Bear Workstation, all 3 kids were attracted by the bears at the window n rushed there to "wow" at the bears. Little DinoEgg even request me to take a photo of him with the doctor bear.

Then we try to get the 3 kids to take photo together... And it turned out like this... dunno what is Charlotte angry about :S

We parted ways with Noel+Chloe and went for shopping. However it was so crowded and Little DinoEgg is starting to get cranky, we decided to go home within 10mins from putting our feet into the shopping mall.

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