Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Gingerbread Man - Act3

I sign Little DinoEgg up for this Sunday with Us workshop by Act3 International coz it was his favorite character theme and I think he will enjoy it so I let him try. Charlotte and Ervin joined us too but Ervin did not managed to join us today as he was not feeling well.

Yesterday I told Little DinoEgg that we are going for class where he will listen to the Gingerbread Man story, he was very excited. However I told him that its a class that mummy cannot join so he have to go into the class by himself, this makes him sad n he starts to protest. Well I assure him that its nothing to be afraid of, just like he goes to school himself without mummy. Loads of praises too n it sort of settle him abit.

Well, this morning meet up with Catherine, Steven & Charlotte downstairs and we took a cab to Act3. we were slightly early thus hang around the foyer to pass time. When its nearing the time I reminded Little DinoEgg again that he is going into the class alone, he gave me his worried look again when I was taking off his shoes n socks. However, once he enters the room he is a changed person. He became happy n excited... how drama... literally...

And so we left the kids with the teacher to have our breakfast at Paragon. Its an hour workshop but we barely have time to really enjoy our breakfast coz the walk to Paragon already took us 15mins! Quick bite and back to Act3 again to sit in the last 5-10mins of the class to listen to the teacher explaining/describing what they do in the class.

They acted out the story with them acting as the characters; Little DinoEgg was the oven :) He hold in his hand a straw with an oven picture attached at the top plus a few strokes of color; attempting to color i guess but got distracted haha~

Apparently he enjoyed himself alot. Not sure whether is it becoz of the play we watched some time back or due to the book of same title which he request me to read n read so many times or the workshop is really exciting. Regardless, I am glad that he had a great time.

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