Saturday, February 27, 2010

You are not listening to Instructions!

I am getting vexed n frustrated with Little DinoEgg's performance and behavior in Boogie Bug class. He is misbehaving very badly, does not follow instructions, gets petty n upsets when he could not get that musical instrument or particular round mat and even the spot he wanted to stand in the circle or line.

When its time for the listening to the music and do the action he could follow like 3 mins and he will start to do his own movements, 10mins into the song n he totally lost it... He will be running around or half a beat slower or totally distracted. Many a times I have to grab him n bring him back to the reality. Sometimes he affects his classmates too, making them to stare at him instead of paying attention to Mark or Reuben.

Not too sure what I have to do with him, my numerous reminder before we step into the class was thrown to the back of his mind once he gets all excited. How how how??? Teach me! Show me some light!

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