Sunday, March 7, 2010

Child Size 2010

Its Child Size by Act3 International today. We went to the festival full of expectation and was met with disappoinment. We took the Play Den package coz it look like its more suitable for Little DinoEgg & Cousin Han; both 3yrs old. The puppet show is good but we feel that its more suitable for older kids. The rest of the program is not very well organised or planned.

The singing workshop simple just teach the kids to sing 2 songs with actions, very messy coz some of the kids were running across the big circle, distracting other kids. Their parents did not stop them, and I guess the organisor did not dare to do anything. At the end of the workshop, the kids went up to that tiny stage to try to perform to the parents on 1 of the songs they learn just minutes ago. It was a mess! The 2 kids that were running around started to push the kids on the small stage, trying to get to the front of it. Little DinoEgg was pushed a few times n he was not shy to voice out his displeasure. I am sure a few parents were offended, but what the heck!

The dancing workshop is as messy as the singing workshop. The kids were all over the peacock feathers but the dance instructors did nothing to stop them but simply smile n try to be cool.

Anyway we did not stay long coz Little DinoEgg started to act up coz he did not take his nap or rather he refuse to take his nap.... He started to cry n scream when I refuse to carry him; a sign that he is tired. I dragged him out of the room n he got a good punishment from me. We stayed outside till the workshop ends then Sis & Cousin Han came out.

After that we went downstairs to find their Art Making and got a shock! They simply cut the shape of Man & Woman, some shrits. skirt, pants etc out of newspaper or magazines. Add some stripe cloths as accessories etc. So u chose ur clothes n accessories n made ur paper doll.

What a disappointment... Not worth the ticket price we paid.

Nevertheless, I think the kids enjoy it... sort of... not becoz of the program but becoz of each other's company :) We went for a simple dinner (forgot the name) at Raffles City. The food took a long, long, long time to be served... so sis took this opportunity to take some photos of the two little imps.

Not a total unhappy day, just not satisfied with the Child's Play. Hope they will improve it next year.

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