Thursday, March 18, 2010

*giggles giggles*

I have a house warming to attend at a MH friend's house thus was unable to fetch Little DinoEgg nor was at home when he reached home. I received a call from this little boy and here is our short conversation;

Little DinoEgg : Hello Mummy!
Me : Hi darling!
Little DinoEgg : I miss you! *awww~ so sweet can??!!*
Me : Oh really?
Little DinoEgg : Yes!
*me laughing happily*
Me : What are you doing now?
Little DinoEgg *very softly* : Watching tv...
Me : Huh?? What are you doing??
Little DinoEgg *slightly louder* : Watching tv.
Me : Are you suppose to watch tv?
Little DinoEgg : ... ...
Me : Who let you watch tv?
Little DinoEgg : Daddy!
Me : You remember what mummy said about tv right?
Little DinoEgg : What?
Me : Mummy said no tv at night.
Little DinoEgg : *giggles giggles and hang up the phone on me*

This daddy... break my no tv rules =.=

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