Saturday, April 17, 2010

Drama Class

Today its the 4th lesson at Act3 Drama Academy and Little DinoEgg is enjoying himself. At the end of each lesson, he will have something in his hand;

Lesson#1 - A blue paper aeroplane. Not sure what was the theme of today's lesson coz we were 15mins late! I rushed him into the class n quickly left.

Lesson#2 - A pink sampan. "Mummy, Teacher Paula says its ok for boys to make pink boat." Voices loud n whispering. Whats with the sampan? We read and act out a story book all about a bear in his small boat.

PS : This pink sampan looks abit crumpled coz it went through "alot" jus minutes after leaving the school. We were trying to cross the road outside the school but the traffic just keep coming non stop. When finally there are no cars, I carried Little DinoEgg n ran across. While running, a strong gust of wind blew the pink sampan out of his hand n back to the other side of the road. Here I am (at the opposite side of the road) with a wailing boy and his 2 streaks of tears flowing down, cursing n swearing (inside of course) n wishing tt I could get back to the other side of the road. Very drama right? Add this in... I have to watch a yellow taxi go over the pink sampan n flattening it!

When we finally made it back to that side of the road, to a flatten pink sampan, Little DinoEgg wailed louder n tears flow faster, in between his sobs "Mummy, the boat is bbroooo-keeennnn~~!!!" *sigh* I have to coax him, try to salvage pink sampan by smoothing out the folds etc n lying to him tt its not broken (ok perhaps for a few tear here n there n there) n its good as new, watch out for traffic all at the same time! Tough job!

Lesson#3 - A green gramophone. Its about Loud & Soft sound today~ You can make your voice louder by using a gramophone!

Lesson#4 - Colorful Bunny Ears. Fast n slow Fast n slow Fast n slow. Hop-hop-hoppity Hop, a rabbit hops and so do I, even though my eyes are almost covered by the band.

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