Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh crumps oh crumps!

Oh ya now I know the story of The Gruffalo *giggles* its a cute story i would say but to read it twice in a row for a couple of nights, its kinda tiring. After a couple of times, Little DinoEgg can repeat what I am reading with me. And everytime when we get to this part of the story, he always ask me the same question;

Me : ... ... with a poisonous warts at the end of his nose.
Little DinoEgg : Mummy, whats a wart?
Me : ... ... *thinking* Its something like a pimple (I know I know! He probably dun know what a pimple)
Little DinoEgg gave me a puzzled look (see!)
Little DinoEgg : Its poisonous right? When u touch it u will die right?
Me : ermm... ya... (I hope he does not think having a pimple is going to give him super power lol)

"Mummy, whats a logpile?
Mummy, how come the fox does not have a head? (Fox is running back to his hole)
Mummy, whats roasted fox?

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